Lowell Summer Music Series

After battling summer colds, fevers, an epic outbreak of poison ivy on yours truly, and now the summer heat,  my kids and I were thrilled to finally get out of the house this past Thursday.  And let me tell me ya, what a phenomenal time we had.  If you haven’t attended one of the performances which are part of the free Lowell Summer Music Series, it’s about time you did.  By the way, did I mention they are FREE?

Mac, Avery and I headed up to Lowell around 10:00 Thursday morning and it was already a balmy 85 degrees.  We parked in the parking garage conveniently located directly across the street from Boarding House Park where the performances are held.  Each performance begins at 11:00.

But wait.  There’s more.

There are free arts & crafts activities prior to the show beginning at 10:00 a.m.  By the way, did I mention these activities are free too?

When we arrived, there were a few families milling about this beautiful park which is located directly on the National Trolley Park trolley line, which was entertainment for my 4-year old son and something you can do after the show.  In addition, the Boott Cotton Mills Museum is just beyond the tracks.

Fortunately for my fair-skinned children and their heat-intolerant mother, the organizers of this event were thoughtful enough to move the art activity and the performance indoors, just diagonally across the street in the Lowell High School auditorium.  Today they were offering a drop-in art activity where the children could decorate their own paper masks – with plenty of decorating supplies to go around.  When they ran out of masks, they provided brown lunch bags for the children to decorate, which my Van Goghs did with a passion.

Finally it was time to move to the auditorium for this day’s performance which was Curious Creatures, a delightful “show-and-tell” of exotic animals demonstrated by Doug.  He delightfully interacted with both the creatures and the children (is there a difference?  Just kidding!), even calling up young eager volunteers to help him hold these creatures to demonstrate their features or even their physical prowess.  For example, the stubborn nocturnal flying squirrel would not cooperate during his flying demonstration, much to the children’s delight.  But “Mica” finally jumped off a pedestal to the “Fly, Mica, fly!” chants, enlightening the children about the overnight action which occurs outside their rooms while they are asleep in their beds.   One boy even rode on the back of a tortoise!  They’re still looking for him by the way – dark hair, last seen wearing a red t-shirt.   The boy, that is.

Oh, I crack myself up.  But I digress…

Doug was entertaining and sincere without being annoyingly showy – making it quite obvious this man loves what he does.  An interesting factoid I also learned at this performance:  this lovely organization also places these abandoned exotic pets in homes, for those daring families who want say a python, tarantula, alligator, hedgehog, iguana, or pet skunk in their home.

At the conclusion of the show, children were welcomed to the stage to pet these Curious Creatures.  Talk about hands-on learning!  Mine declined (phew).  And as we departed the auditorium, wouldn’t you know they had an enormous offering of free, healthy organic snacks and juice boxes provided by the generous sponsors of this series.  By the way, did I mention this was all free??

Check out Ziptivity.com for the complete schedule of the Lowell Summer Music Series which occur weekly on Wednesday and Thursday this summer.  Don’t let the name fool ya:  it’s not just music, it’s entertainment…  on a budget.  And most importantly, it’s a GREAT time.  Click here for Ziptivity Details about the next show:  http://bit.ly/9CvAO0.  Hope to see you all there!

Ziptivity Details:

Who?  Everyone
What?  Lowell Summer Music Series
Where?  Boarding House Park, 40 French Street, Lowell
When?  Wednesdays and Thursdays this summer through August 12
How much?  Free ($3 for up to 2 hours in the parking garage)

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