Welcome to our new blog here at Ziptivity.com!

We are thrilled to expand our services to include this wonderful social media platform which promotes dialogue and the sharing of personal experiences so important to us as parents and caregivers.

When I became a mom back in August of 2006, it was after years of infertility.  So experiencing the birth of my son was euphoric to say the least, as it is for all of us.  But I never realized how euphoric the subsequent experiences and interactions, both large and small, would be as my newborn became a toddler and now an independent, communicative four-year old.  I particularly did not realize how important and enjoyable it was to be active with my child, without trying to do so much that family activities caused burnout instead of growth.  My goal was to find developmentally enriching classes and events on a pace and scale proportionate to the needs and desires of my son, and selfishly myself as well.

As a new parent with a business academic background (as opposed to education or child development or pediatric medicine), I was thirsty for knowledge in the child development arena – striving to be the best parent I could be.  But finding the appropriate classes, workshops, seminars and events was always such a challenge.  “Oh, that looks great.  But it’s too far and cutting into naptime.” Or, “This sounds fabulous, but my child is beyond that age.”

When the idea of Ziptivity.com came to me in October of 2007, I was pregnant with my daughter unbeknownst to me.  When the pregnancy test showed positive a week later, I was overwhelmed at the prospect of becoming a mom AGAIN.  Yet I couldn’t let go of the idea of creating an online tool and community for parents and caregivers, one that would simplify and expedite the search for activities that fit one’s family.

Yet, I wanted it to be more, so much more, than just a search tool.  I wanted Ziptivity.com to be a community resource where you could find and share local “diamonds in the rough” when it comes to family activities, while at the same time enriching your lives as parents and caregivers – educating, not just informing, you.

And here we are two and a half years later, celebrating our official launch after being in BETA for six months.

In tandem with the launch of our site, we are excited to announce the launch of our blog.  Our goal with this blog is twofold:  first, to share our personal experiences doing local activities with our family.  And secondly, to bring best of breed local Boston bloggers as well as experts or professionals in any of the 15 activity categories you find on our site.  We will strive to bring you posts that are either entertaining, informative… or both!

If you are a local, Boston area blogger and are interested in being featured on our blog, please contact us!  We would love to share both your wisdom and wit with our ZipCommunity.

Enjoy!  And stay tuned…

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