It’s a SALE at Barefoot Books!

OMG! That was my first reaction when I saw Barefoot Books tweeting that they are having a summer sale – you can save more than 50%!

I am a huge fan of these books, never mind their wonderland of a store in Concord center.  Why?  Because my children are completely taken by them.  Mac and Avery read A Dragon on the Doorstep and Whole World several times a day.  These two books, which also come with CDs, have been our nightly bedtime routine for weeks.  The four of us lay together in our big king-sized bed and sing “He’s got the mountains and the valleys in his hands.  He’s got the mountains and the valleys in his hands…”  My 4-year old son can now sing the whole book sight unseen.  Of course, given his age we do find that he also enjoys improvising and adding such charming, potty-talk verses as “He’s got the poo-poos and the pee-pees, in his hands…”  When will this potty-mouth stage ever end??!!

My 2-year old daughter can also “read” A Dragon on the Doorstep just by viewing the illustrations.  She loves how each page sneaks in a little hint of the animal about to emerge on the following page.  Bottom line:  we have never enjoyed books more as a family than with these two tomes.

FYI, they also make great gifts during this summer season of birthdays.  My friend’s twin boys turned three last month and we purchased Octopus Opposites and Hidden Hippo, each paired with an adorable matching puppet.  From what she tells me, they have become their favorite read!

So check out the sale at

What? A Summer Sale at Barefoot Books

Where? Online at or at The Flagship Barefoot Books Store and Community Center located at 89 Thoreau Street in Concord, just across from the train depot.

Who? All ages

When? Going on now through August 1, 2010.

How much? Savings of over 50% on some items

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