The Calm Before the Storm

August is known as a WICKED HOT month, but I like to call it the calm before the storm.  Here it comes… Tah Dah!!  SCHOOL!  My kids are already starting to see the back-to-school advertisements and saying, “We are not going back yet, are we?” 

And then a flurry of panic sets in.  The questions start:  Who will be my teacher next year? Will I be with my BFF? I hope I don’t get Miss Blankity-Blank – she’s mean.

 For me I feel like it is mile 19 of the Boston Marathon – “Heartbreak Hill”.  I know at this point I will make it… even if I have to crawl. 

 But seriously where did it go, these lazy, crazy days of summer?  Is it really time for me to shake the sand off and start getting busy?  Let’s see. 

 My two boys need to be ready for Pop Warner football which starts the 1st week of August, and it is “very serious” according to my husband (no laughing please). 

 My 7-year old daughter needs to be signed up for her dance classes at One Stop Fun in Westford  so she can achieve her goal of being on “Dancing with the Stars” by age 11. 

 And my 5-year old “tomboy” informed me she WILL be doing soccer at Teamworks in Acton (just like her brothers)  and ice skating (hockey, that is) at Valley Sports in Concord .  Oh, and she would like to take an art class (maybe at Beehive Art in Sudbury?),  … but promises me she will not run with the scissors. 

So enjoy your next few weeks of CALM (if that’s what you call it) because here comes September. 


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