Kindermusik with Danielle

This past Saturday, I attended a free preview class of Kindermusik with Danielle at the Emerson Umbrella Center for the Arts in Concord. This is an amazing class that your musical kiddo (or even a non-musical kiddo) will really enjoy and secretly, an activity full of learning potential!

Growing up, music was always part of Danielle’s life –  first playing the violin, then singing in the choir, and even musical theater during high school.  Following her musical childhood, Danielle received both  a degree in elementary education and  then a master’s degree in special education.

When she first experienced Kindermusik with her infant daughter, who is now seven, she was hooked!  It blended so many educational benefits with musical fun and family bonding.  Each and every activity is carefully designed to promote social, emotional, cognitive, language, and motor development. And the best part was that her daughter was so happy to be playing and bonding with Mommy, that she didn’t realize she was learning at the same time.

Come to find out, Kindermusik was developed more than 30 years ago and has more than 5,000 educators in 66 countries who have taught over 1.5 million children!  Furthermore, research has shown that early, age-appropriate exposure to music can have a profound effect on, and even enhance, literacy skills.  Early music instruction is linked to non-musical abilities such as math, memory, and spatial-temporal reasoning.  Pretty cool!

Kindermusik with Danielle starts the second week of September and I highly suggest you check it out!

What? Kindermusik with Danielle


  • Family Time in Sudbury is on Saturdays from September 11th  – November 13th from 10 to 10:45 am
  • Family Time in Concord is on Saturdays from September 11th  – November 13th from 12 to 12:45 pm

Cost? $181.95 – Price includes take home kit (2 CDs, 2 books, 2 puppets, Family Activity Guide).

Siblings do not purchase take the home kit ($61.95) and receive 50% tuition reduction- making tuition just $60 for the second child in the same family!

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