Shelburne Farm Family Fun

If your little one is having a birthday party during this gorgeous fall season, you should seriously consider Shelburne Farm in Stow.  Our friends celebrated their daughter’s 5th birthday party there last weekend and it was TREMENDOUS:  hay maze, hay pile, hay ride, hay fights (ok, ignore that one), cider donuts TO DIE FOR, picnic pizza lunch on the lawn, bouncy house, toy tractor rides, apple picking, pumpkin picking.  PHEW.  I’m tired reminiscing about it.  We didn’t even have time for the pony rides.

Sadly, I also never had time to go into their store which is housed in a charming barn-looking building near the entrance.  I saw many folks carrying around some delicious-looking purchases.  I really regret not buying some apple crisp mix for some baking with the kids.  I mean, what better way to celebrate the harvest than cooking with your kids using the ingredients they hand-picked themselves?  Next time.

Whether you are there for a birthday party or an apple picking visit, Shelburne Farm does it right.  From the exceptional service the moment we pulled into the parking lot (an adorable young lady greets each car with a smile and a wave), to the organized parking conveniently located close to the orchard and attractions, and finally the wonderful hostess who took care of the entire birthday bunch – easily almost 50 people including adults, we were impressed.  Even the young man monitoring the bouncy house made us feel welcome and safe – not an easy feat when kids get into a bouncy house.

Shelburne Farm really accommodates all ages too.  Both my 2-year old and 4-year old had a blast, and I could easily see the parents with Baby Bjorns and older children also enjoying themselves.  The property is beautiful and expansive, yet the attractions are easily accessible and close to each other so that family members young and old can enjoy the property without losing steam too soon.

However, I doubt the littlest of apple lovers will lose steam at Shelburne Farm.  It’s beautiful, invigorating and most of all LOCAL family fun.  The best part of our day?  As we headed back to the car after several hours, my tireless 4-year old son asks, “Where’s the face painting?”

Who? All ages.

What? Apple picking – and so much more – at Shelburne Farm.

Where? 106 West Acton Road in Stow, MA

When? Apples through the end of October, followed by Christmas tree season!

How much? Free!  No charge for admission to the orchards.  The prices for apples, pumpkins, store and bakery products were all very affordable.  Birthday parties start at $149/10 children.

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