Hometown Pride Carlisle-style

Everyone has a bias toward their hometown, and I am no exception.  I love our little town of Carlisle, MA – the fact we have no traffic lights, that I hear the church bells every hour (frankly I’m guessing every resident hears the church bells every hour), and that our “commercial district” essentially consists of our charming country store, Ferns, where the school kids can hang out on early release days buying candy and drinking soda on their porch rockers.

I can go on and on about this special place, but if I had to choose, my favorite time of year here in Carlisle is October for two reasons:  Pumpkins on the Common and Halloween.

Pumpkins on the Common, held tomorrow (Saturday, October 16) from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., is a wonderful, small-town celebration of this beautiful season.  As the name implies, farmers and local growers sell their pumpkins and gourds outside on the town common in front of  the First Religious Society Church on School Street. There will even be a chance to admire the Carlisle-grown pumpkins in the Pumpkin Contest. In addition, the Junior Youth group will be making fresh cider and the bake table will be filled with homemade delights.

Indoors, the Church hosts a lively crafts fair and delicious food options.  The Luncheon Cafe will feature mouth-watering wraps and pumpkin soup. I remember the soup last year and it was fabulous, especially with a cup of hot apple cider to warm us up on a crisp fall day.  The veggie wrap was delicious and my husband loved the pulled pork sandwich.  The kids loved the hot dogs and Halloween cupcakes, of course.

Habitat for Humanity will have boards for signing and the Silent Auction will have funky collectibles waiting for your bid. Local artisans will be selling their wares and the Country Store will feature home grown and homemade items. These and other surprise activities make the Harvest Fair a fun event for all ages.

Then in two weeks’ time, we will be celebrating Halloween like no other town I know.  In Carlisle, we trick-or-treat in the town center as a community.  Ferns Country Store, whose roof is whimsically covered in enormous inflatable spiders, collects candy donations from Carlisle families in the weeks leading up to Halloween.  On Halloween night, the generous town center homeowners graciously open their homes to the town’s young trick-or-treaters.  It’s a safe and social way for the town residents to celebrate the evening together in our beautiful, well-lit town center as opposed to the dark, windy country roads and long driveways characteristic of a rural town.

Yes, I am biased.  I love my town and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the autumn season with my family then right here in my own lil’ slice of heaven.

One Response to “Hometown Pride Carlisle-style”
  1. Nancy West says:

    Agreed – great annual event and great to see you there!

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