Honey Pot Hill Orchards

My kids and I just returned from a fabulous morning at Honey Pot Hill Orchards in Stow, MA.  We went through our last batch of apples from our apple-picking birthday party a couple weeks ago, so it was time for another round.  Our goal:  bake an apple pie, make some apple sauce, and maybe even an apple crisp.  Then again, an “apple-a-day” sounds a lot easier – and just as yummy.  Either way, the kids were thrilled we came home with two large bags of Empires.

Honey Pot Hill is another great option for apple-picking here in metrowest Boston, particularly on a Tuesday morning with “the big kids” in school.  No traffic, no crowds, no wait, and no port-a-potties for those who “shkeeve” anything but a real restroom (shkeeve being one of my mother’s favorite terms for “gross me out”).

Honey Pot offers not just apple picking but also farm animals such as goats, pigs and bunnies – and some cute scarecrows too! The kids’ favorite part, aside from apple picking of course, was the hedge maze.  Tall winding rows of hedges make for a challenging escape – even for the parents!  However I do caution you to stay with your kids, particularly the toddlers, because you can easily be separated from the independent little ones who like to “do it myself!”

The apple orchards are, as the name implies, up a steep hill just off the parking lot.  I did have to carry my two-year old after her exhausting run through the hedge maze.  So be prepared with a stroller if you don’t want to lug a kid along with bags of apples and other goodies.  The kids marveled at all the apples both within their reach and even those way up high, accessible only by some charming wooden ladders that I attempted to climb before I realized I didn’t want to risk life and limb for some apple sauce.

The store is a wonderful place if you don’t have time to pick – plenty of varieties are for sale, aleady picked and bagged for you to take home.  In addition, they sell cider doughnuts, honey, pears, caramel apples, and apple pies that look phenomenal.  As I type this I’m wondering why I’m going to attempt to bake one when they clearly have the apple pie thing down pat.  Piece of advice:  pack a picnic lunch to avoid a lunch of apples and doughnuts – I wish had done so on such a beautiful day.

So head on out here to metrowest Boston for one last week of apple picking – Empires and Spencers remain on the trees.  And this weekend Honey Pot Hill will have fall foliage hay rides from 10 to 5 both Saturday and Sunday, October 23-24.  Bonus:  the fall foliage on the drive down today was absolutely stunning.

For a whole list of orchards, just key word search “apple” on Ziptivity.com!

Who?               All ages.

What?              Apple picking in metrowest Boston.

Where?            Honey Pot Hill Orchards, 144 Sudbury Road, Stow, MA

When?             This week is probably the last week!

How much?     $15 for each medium-sized “pick your own” bag. $1.50 per child for the hedge and tunnel mazes (1/2 price on weekdays).  Cider doughnuts were 70 cents each.


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