It’s Jam Time!

The winter frigid air has arrived and thankfully, so has Jam Time, a new indoor play space and enrichment center in Maynard.  They have timed their Grand Opening perfectly and those already suffering from cabin fever thank them profusely for that.  Jam Time offers not just open play but also birthday parties and soon a wonderful array of classes.  I have already been twice during their first week with both my 4 ½- year old son and 2 ½- year old daughter.  Let me tell you:  this place fits your family!  Whether you have infants, toddlers or pre-schoolers, boys or girls, active kids or role play aficionados, Jam Time offers something for everyone.

The owners, parents Malcolm and Mandy Sim (check out my interview with Mandy on opening day!), have created a well-thought out space that is safe, sunny, and sparkling clean.  They strategically positioned age-appropriate play spaces separately so that the older children can have fun on the bigger play set, the toddlers have their smaller set, and infants have an entirely segregated area cordoned off by knee walls.  Peace of mind for everyone.  Take a video tour now!

Malcolm and Mandy have also appealed to every personality by offering an outlet for your active climbers and bouncy kids with gorgeous play sets from CedarWorks and a bouncy house where they can let off some steam.  There is even a ball pit and a basketball hoop with plenty of balls to go around.

In addition, the room is filled with imaginative play stations targeting both boys and girls, big and small.  For example, the adorable playhouse (large enough for me to stand in) contains a kitchen, table and chairs, high chair and pack-n-play, and all the appliances and accessories to play “house”.  It also can act as a “firehouse” for your imaginative boys, or a house under construction thanks to the stocked tool bench nearby.  Next door, the grocery carts and grocery store filled with food and topped with a cash register completes this home-making dream world.

Also in the main space you have several creative stations for building Lego projects, laying train tracks, captaining a pirate ship, or playing house with Barbie and Ken.

In the infant space, the little ones have their own climbing mats, rocking toys, and ball pit.  Because this space is separated from the larger space by some low walls, parents and caregivers can be assured their crawling tots are safe yet they also have a clear view of the main space if they have older children.

Jam Time not just serves the children but the parents too.  With a lovely café space where they serve coffee, waters, organic juices and snacks, adults can be assured they have back-up supplies if they forget their snack packs at home (or never had time for their cup of coffee).  In addition, Mandy and Malcolm have thoughtfully placed comfy chairs throughout the space which I noticed were nice for all the parents, but especially the pregnant ones who need to stay off their feet.

Lastly, coming soon, Jam Time will offer some wonderful classes for children ages 3 months through 5 years.  Again, Mandy and Malcolm really think of the challenges facing parents by offering an array of classes.  There are varying types such as art, music, science, live animals, princess/pirate tea, and international kid.  There are classes targeted to single age groups as well as multiple ages for those parents with more than one child.  Some classes are drop-in while others are parent supervised.  Finally, Jam Time offers classes at varying times throughout the day for those juggling naps, mealtimes and preschool hours.  So you can always be assured that regardless of your family’s profile and schedule, you can always find something at Jam Time.

Oh, one last thing:  birthday parties! My friend Tracy booked her son’s January birthday party there already.  I couldn’t think of a better place to celebrate the occasion.

So check out Jam Time, or as my 2-year old daughter says: “it’s jamma time!”, just like MC Hammer.

Who: Ages infant through 5 years

What: Jam Time indoor play + enrichment center

Where: 86 Powder Mill Road, Maynard

When: Open 7 days! Mon-Fri 9:00-5:30, Sat & Sun 9:30-1:30

How much: $10/child for the entire day or 12 visits for $100 when you buy a savings card.  Open play is FREE for adults and children under 6 months with a paying sibling.  Open play is also free for those enrolled in classes.  Classes are $80 for 4 weeks with an 8 week minimum.

Tip: Children are required to wear socks.  So for those little ones just learning to walk, the play sets may be a bit slippery.  I recommend you bring a pair of socks with gripper soles, or perhaps a pair of slippers.

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