Living the Dream – Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Written by Tara, Ziptivity’s Metro Boston Community Ambassador

As a multiracial family, we are living the dream – Dr. King’s dream, that is. For us, MLK Day isn’t just a day off. It’s a day to celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It’s a day for us to honor his legacy and to continue the work he and other brave civil rights activists started. In that spirit, here are my picks for the day:

Start the day with a good breakfast! Belmont Against Racism’s annual MLK Community Breakfast features bread-breaking (so to speak) with fellow community members, inspiring music, and insightful speakers. While the adults are having a thought-provoking discussion, the older kids (ages 6-11) will burn off some energy with Mr. S. (the very popular gym teacher from Wellington Elementary School) and the younger ones will spend time with volunteers from the Belmontian Club. All proceeds from the breakfast benefit the METCO Support Fund, which provides after-school transportation funds and other financial support to ensure that Boston students at all Belmont schools can fully participate in after-school activities. The cost of the breakfast is quite low at $10 per family, but be forewarned: a collection for  additional donations will be taken!

After the breakfast, show your kids how they can be heroes, too! MLK Day is designated as a National Day of Service. If you are a Cambridge resident, you can spend the afternoon at the YWCA in Central Square with Many Helping Hands: Cambridge MLK Day of Service. There will be song, dance and celebration! You and the kids will make blankets, scarves and Valentine’s Day cards. Bring some canned goods, children’s books, or winter clothing to donate. If you live elsewhere, just go to to find an opportunity to make a difference in your community.

Finally, celebrate the day! Kyle Massey (the funny guy from the Disney Channel and Dancing with the Stars) will host Walk Together Children: The 8th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Tribute Concert, featuring the Boston Children’s Chorus. If you want to take the kids to see these “Ambassadors of Harmony,” go to the Open Dress Rehearsal at 2:00. If you can get a sitter, spring for tickets to the evening concert, which will be nationally televised, and promises to be an entertaining and inspiring affair!

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