Yardley-Wood Rink: Perfect for beginner kids and parents

Written by Karly, Ziptivity’s South Shore Community Ambassador

So this week’s ZipPick is for the Yardley-Wood Rink in Easton.  My kids and I drive by it pretty much every day and every day they ask me, “Mommy, when are you going to take us skating?”  My reply is simple, “Soon. Maybe this weekend when Daddy can come along.”

The reality of it all is that I CAN’T skate!  Eeek!  Ever see the movie Bambi when he is trying to walk on the ice? Yep, that’s me…legs and arms in several different directions.  So they think I can skate, but little do they know that they are probably better than me and they have never been!

The great thing about this skating rink is that they have a ton of those milk cartons for kids learning to skate, so while I am fumbling around they will have something sturdy to hold on to.  Oh, and if you want to go after dark, they have lights as well.

Another little piece of info about this rink is that it’s named after a man who does a lot for his community:  Ken Wood.  He runs the Easton Food Pantry and does a great job making sure everyone is fed, even though the shelves were bare at one point late last year!  You can always contribute food to the Easton Food Pantry at 136 Elm Street in Easton.

Thanks and have fun slip slidin’ on the ice!

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