A Disney Princess Garden Party!

Written by Karly, Ziptivity’s own South Shore Community Ambassador

So please raise your hand if you have mastered the art of dress up?  Come on, if you have little girls you’ve definitely wedged yourself into a dress of some sort to spin around like a fairy princess!  I know I have and, actually, it’s one of the things I really enjoy doing with my kids.  We dress up in our pretty “princess gowns” (I have to wear old bridesmaid dresses), we dance around (great workout), waving magic wands (wish I had a real one to make dishes magically disappear), and we have a blast! ]

Well, this weekend the Disney Store is hosting a Princess Garden Party where you can come dressed as your favorite princess.  There are 2 sessions, one at 11:00 and one at 12:30pm on Saturday.  Emerald Square Mall will be having one and all they ask is that you don’t line up any earlier than 30 minutes prior to the session you plan on attending.  The great thing about it being at the mall?  Your son or husband or anyone else who doesn’t particularly like to dress like a princess doesn’t have to attend the party.  They can go eat at the food court which I JUST found out has a Carousel in it!!  Or they can even head over to Build A Bear Workshop.  There are plenty of options for the whole family to enjoy a day at the mall.

Now back to the party… at the Garden Party there will be games, crafts and MORE!  As a former Disney World employee (yes, the one down in FL), I know that they train the staff in the store just as if you were visiting Disney World itself, making it as magical for your kids as it can be without spending a dime!  This event is FREE!  Well, that is if your kids don’t beg you for something on the way out and you get all caught up in the fairy tale moment!  Definitely check it out and NO, I won’t be there in a bridesmaid dress, and no tiara or wand either.  Have a magical time at the Princess Garden Party!

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