Debbie & Friends: One Hot & Very Cool Boston Children’s Act

Written by Tara, Ziptivity’s own Metro Boston Community Ambassador

Debbie & Friends seems to be the hottest act around these days, at least among hip New England parents and their cool kids. I wanted to know what all the hoopla was about, so I checked out Debbie’s website. After listening to a few songs from her latest album, I am psyched about rockin’ out with my kids at the Belmont Cooperative Nursery School this Saturday, where Debbie & Friends will be playing.

The Belmont Co-op is located in Belmont United Methodist Church, on the corner of Palfrey and Common. The event starts at 11:00 am, but I recommend going early to get a prime parking spot behind the church (from Common, turn on to Palfrey and then make a sharp, steep right turn into the parking lot). Then, you can enjoy the extra time with your kids in Cushing Square. Take a short walk toward Trapelo Road to Teddy’s Kitchen for breakfast. This place redefines family-friendly – when you’re there, you feel like you’re part of their family! The food is good and reasonably priced. Just be sure to have cash on you, because they don’t take plastic.

On your way back to the church, stop by Growing Up Resale Boutique, where you can get great stuff for your kids without breaking the bank. You can bring some items to sell, too – no appointment needed. They’ll give you 50% of the selling price in store credit or 30% in cash. You could have a little extra money in your pocket when you leave the store, which you will burn almost immediately when you get back to the school and your little crumb gobblers start begging for treats at the bake sale. Plan to lunch at the event, too – they will have a pizza for sale. And, when you’re not dancing or singing along with Debbie & Friends, be sure to check out the silent auction.

Tickets for the concert are $7. They will sell tickets at the door if the event hasn’t already sold out, but I wouldn’t risk it. Go ahead and contact Denise Gregg to buy tickets now. Then, with tickets in your pocket and a spring in your step, go and enjoy the day with your kids!

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