Pony up! A wonderful winter trip to Drumlin Farm.

Thanks to guest blogger, Michelle of This Little Light.

As you know, I love winter. It’s beautiful, despite the cold (c’mon, you can always add another layer). When the snow first falls, it’s whiter-than-white, which is just the prettiest color to any neat freak like me. I love how crisp and clean the landscape outside my door looks. I love crock pot foods and the thought of hibernating. The only problem I can find in this season of possible school closings: even neat freaks get cabin fever. Especially if they’re the main source of entertainment for beloved 4-year-olds.

We sled. We head to the library. Selfishly, Mom brings The Boy to the mall play space so she can grab an iced coffee, sit on the sidelines, and let the at-the-height-limit boy run amuck through the crazy house, over the log, on the rocket ship, and in the boat with the other wee ones. Hey, it’s entertainment.

Last week I wanted something different though, so I went to Ziptivity.com—a fantastic site where you can find the latest and greatest activities for your kids throughout MA—and checked out what was happening locally. I found a great program at Lincoln’s Drumlin Farm: Pony Tails! For just $12 smackers (as a non-member), I could take my petit farmer to learn about the horse’s shorter cousin, enjoy some fun crafts, and channel his inner farmhand to tame the resident pony’s winter coat.

The Boy had such fun …

… waiting patiently in line for a rousing game of Pin-The-Tail-on-the-Pony …


… suiting up for his chance at a prize {close, but no cigar}…


… assisting the leader in rallying the troops toward Drumlin’s beautiful red barn …


… chatting her up as he followed along (in true Matt form, he had a lot to say). I think here he’s telling her about his love for Ironman. Never mind that that has absolutely nothing to do with the task at hand. I love his sweet little randomness.


Meanwhile, I enjoyed the eye candy. It was so nice to be out of our routine, taking in this gorgeous landscape. Ha! I just noticed I caught the leader’s glove in this shot. No idea what she was talking about here … too mesmerized by the view!


Yeah! The barn! We’re almost there. The anticipation was building. {I’m wondering if I could Photoshop my family into this shot for next year’s Christmas card?}


And there she is: Miss Midnight. The lady of the hour. Wait? Was Midnight a boy? Why do I automatically think ponies are girls? Same logic that prompts me to refer to all dogs as “he.” Not much of a farmer, I guess.


Here we’re learning about Midnight’s gentle stomach, and the need to soak her dinner in a bucket of warm water. All the kids had a chance at dinner prep.


And finally, the big moment with a big brush. Forgive the quality of this picture, please … it was taken a half-a-second before my camera decided to call it a day.


What a great morning it was. Matt had a blast and I benefitted from both the quality time I had with him and the relaxing time I spent communing with nature. I loved it so much, we’re signing up for Snake Secrets in March (according to the class description, we’ll find out what role St. Patrick really played in kicking those buggers out of Ireland) and April Fool’s Day’s Just Kidding. Care to join?

When you’re feelin’ Cabin Fever, how do you shake things up? Whether you have children or not, I’d love to hear your strategies!

Editor’s Note: Check out Michelle’s blog, This Little Light, here.  She writes endearing stories of motherhood and well, just life’s wonderous little moments that we all sometimes can miss when we are consumed by our daily routines.

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