Signs of Winter at Borderland

Written by Karly, Ziptivity’s South Shore Community Ambassador

“Mommy, are those berries?”……”Uh, no don’t touch that, I think it’s deer poopy!”.  This is the hot topic of conversation I have with my girls when we hike through the land in our back woods.  And actually one of them will get mad if one of them spots the deer stuff and the other one misses it…..yeah, that’s what I’m up against here people.  And I’m pretty sure it is deer poop.  But I’m no expert.  So why not ask the experts at the Borderland hike “Signs of Winter”?!  This is one of our favorite places to go all year-round.  It’s only $2 for parking and actually, if you are like us, you buy a pass for $35 (for MA residents; $45 if you are not) which gets you into any DCR state park or beach for the year!

Check out their site for more details, but let me tell ya, it’s worth it!  And the people who run the hikes and tours are so knowledgeable….they definitely know whose scat is who’s!  So if you are itching to get outside with the family (aside from making igloos and snow mountains in your front yard – that’s what my engineer husband does. He’s nuts.) then definitely check this out.  They will meet at the visitor’s center (where there are bathrooms and a place to warm up if either occasion arises) and then they will explore which animals are still hanging around in this crazy winter weather.  I will do just about anything not to have to make more sledding hills out of all this snow!!  Which reminds me, if you have anything left in the tank, or your kids aren’t as into poop as mine are, then there are some great sledding hills behind the mansion at Borderland!

So, pack a backpack filled with drinks and snacks and I hope to see you there.  Bundle up!  Who knows what it’s going to be like outside.

New England weather, oye!

Visitors Center at Borderland
259 Massapoag Avenue
North Easton, MA 02356
tel: 508-238-6566

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