Geek is Chic at the Boston Inventgenuity Festival

Written by Tara, Ziptivity’s Metro Boston Community Ambassador

I think geek is chic, and I’ll bet Mark Zuckerberg would back me up on that. So, if you want to be one of the coolest parents around, register your young geekster for Beam Camp’s Boston Inventgenuity Festival at the New Art Center in Newtonville. From 11-5 this Saturday and Sunday, you and your kids (ages 7-16) will get to build, create, and learn about art, science, and mechanics.

You‘ll learn the mechanics of artful science with Kinetic Artist Joseph Herscher as you help construct one of Herscher’s “gravity-defying” Rube Goldberg Machines. When you check in at the festival, your child will also have the opportunity to sign up for one of the workshops, which will include Rhythm Maker Automatons by Eun Jung (EJ) Park and Flappet: Flying Wrenches by kinetic sculpture and art mechanic Steve Gerberich. Somerville-based parts and crafts will offer Bridge Building and Light Painting workshops as well.

We recently visited Parts and Crafts for their Friday night Open Shop, and I feel like we struck gold. I’ll share more about Parts and Crafts next week, but for now, I’ll focus on the Inventgenuity Festival. In addition to being a fun day for you and your Jr. Einstein, it’s also a preview of the great stuff that happens at Beam Camp in Strafford, New Hampshire. And check this out: Inventgenuity attendees will receive a voucher for a 10% discount on tuition for Beam Camp’s summer program, good until March 15. If you register for Beam Camp at the festival you will receive a 15% discount. Whoo hoo!

So go, check out the camp, learn something new, and have a great time!

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