Pinkalicious, Purplicious, Goldilicious… and now there’s Silverlicious!

Pinkalicious, Purplicious, Goldilicious… and now there’s Silverlicious!  If some of you are wondering, has she lost her mind, nope I haven’t.  Now for all of you who have little girls in your life, you know exactly what I am referring to…. the funniest, most imaginative books that my girls just LOVE and they have come out with the 4th edition, Silverlicious, and it’s coming to Borders in Mansfield Crossing this Saturday!

My librarian – at the Ames Free Library (our weekly must-take trip out of the house because mommy can only read the same 4 library books before bed 7 days in a row before she loses her mind excursion) – saw that we had returned Pinkalicious and then took it out again shortly thereafter.  She let us in on a secret:  there were MORE-licious to enjoy!!  And actually, truth be told, I literally laughed out loud in the library at the Goldilicious book simply because Pinkalicious, the little girl in the book who loves pink, has this imaginary unicorn who poops on the floor and her brother steps in it.  (By the way, why do I always find a way to bring poop into the conversation?!)

These books are hysterical!!  And this weekend, Borders in Mansfield is hosting a Silverlicious party!  Miss Sherri, the world’s best storytime reader (every mom who goes there regularly on Mondays knows why she is – she just IS!  Could be her wit or her mom humor.  Anyway, Borders will be hosting this event to celebrate Pinkalicious’ new adventure with the color Silver.

Miss Sherri is going to have a really fun craft making necklaces after we read the new book followed by a little parade in the store.  Miss Sherri always does it up for these events.  She ends up going above and beyond and the kids have a great time.  The event is at 2pm and parking is plentiful, but inside space is tight.  I recommend you get there early so your kids can have a front row seat for the story.

We will be there for sure….my girls can hardly wait!  One, because they get to dress in all pink (I have the girliest girls and for those who know me, know that the first time I wore a dress was for a Bat Mitzvah and I really had no choice.  And the first time I wore pink was, hmmmm, probably not until Pink was the new Black a few years ago. And two, for the simple fact that they get to read a new “Licious” book.

This event is free – as always I am budget conscious (yep, the budget master will be there too – my husband – although probably not in pink).  So enjoy a very girly day of pink and silver, I know my husband will!

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