Mass Audubon on the South Shore has the Perfect February Vacation Experience

Posted by Karly, Ziptivity’s South Shore Community Ambassador

I’m THAT mom that doesn’t see what the big deal is about school vacation.  My kids are 2 and 3, and when your 3-year old only goes to school 2 days a week, vacation week sort of seems like, well a snow day!  Yet we Community Ambassadors here at Ziptivity find all these amazing camps, classes and day-long events to sign your kids up for, but my life sort of goes unchanged.  So that’s why I have decided to ZipPick my new friends at Mass Audubon – for all those parents who need to have weeklong activities for their kids.

I feel for you. It’s hard when the in-home babysitter, daycare, or school goes on vacation too and you’re sort of stuck!  No need to fret, there are so many options….in the South Shore alone, Mass Audubon has three sites: Visual Arts Center in Canton, Oak Knoll in Attleboro, and Moose Hill in Sharon.  They have everything for the whole vacation week… 2 days here, 2 days there. Mix it, match it, whatever you like!

To give you a glimpse into how much I really like these guys, I must mention the truly fun Teddy Bear Tea Party they had last weekend – did anyone else go?  It was super cute with teddy bear shaped PB&Js, cucumber finger sandwiches, punch (the legit kind with sherbet floating in it), valentine cookies, hot chocolate, and tea of course!  Um, and my husband wore his dirty, torn work-around-the-house jeans – eek, mortified!  He forgot to change – so embarrassed!

Anyways, they put on a proper tea party (minus my hubby) and it left me wanting to become a member.  It’s a small fee for the year, but it discounts any activities you do with them.  Definitely worth it, so sign up today! It is only $58 for a family membership; and if you are going to do any of the camps or classes, they will knock off about $50 when it’s all said and done.  Plus, if you are a member, you can hike the trails for free… another bonus!

Again, if you are in search for that perfect vacation experience for the kids, check out A Home in Winter and Forts and Fortitude at Oak Knoll in Attleboro, Tales of the Wild 1 and Tales of the Wild 2 at the Visual Arts Center in Canton, or have a whole week of activities at Moose Hill in Sharon for their February Vacation Days for both 3-4 year olds or 4.5-11 year olds.  Search under the Classes/Camps tab on Ziptivity’s search page for the Sharon activities, and click on the Events/Drop-in Places tab for the Attleboro and Canton sites.

These “Ziptivities” will be especially fantastic if the weather decides to hold up and give us balmy 50-degree days again.  Wasn’t that such a tease on Monday?  I am soooo ready for spring!  So let’s think warm thoughts and get those kids out on the dusty trail to find out more about their surroundings through the Mass Audubon.  Okay, maybe not “dusty”, how ’bout slightly snowy?  Hope this helps!

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