Who needs American Idol when there’s PawSox Idol!

I have Spring Fever and I want to sing about it!  Actually, I’m not the best singer, although I love to do it.  Many wolves come from all over because they think I am calling them from the wild, but I’m just belting out a note.  There’s only one other person who was blessed with the voice that I have:  she and I drove the whole way back from Orlando together one year and you can only imagine how that trip may have sounded.

But IF you have a great singing voice, you could win PawSox Idol!!  Prizes include recording studio time, a PawSox Prize Package, mall gift cards, the opportunity to go on live radio, and a chance to sing the National Anthem at McCoy Stadium!  Oh, how I wish I was talented in this area.  Not only do I love everything that the PawSox host for family activities, but the prizes are amazing.

Anyone who is over the age of 15 can do it.  The event will be held March 5th at the Silver City Galleria in Taunton.  The deadline to register is March 1st, but if you miss this one, there are more chances to try out at the Swansea Mall and the Warwick Mall.  So as spring moves closer and the Red Sox are gearing up down in Fort Myers, we can have a great time singing our little hearts out for PawSox Idol.

And as always, check back with Ziptivity to see what types of fun baseball events are going on down in Pawtucket.  It’s a great, affordable way to enjoy the stadium atmosphere without spending a bundle.  If someone is on the DL (disabled list) and they come back for rehab, then you might just get lucky and see one of the big guys play for the PawSox.  Woops, I shouldn’t even talk this way!  No one is going to get hurt this year, no one is going to get hurt this year, no one is going to get hurt this year… fingers crossed.

So as you can tell, I’m a huge baseball fan and extremely excited about the upcoming season – both the Fenway games and Rhode Island play.  And even though PawSox Idol sounds like a good time, I probably will not be there per the request of my cousin who really can’t stand my singing.  But I will be at future PawSox events for sure.

Ok, I’m off to listen to sports talk radio.  Yes, even my girls listen to this in the car – and they never complain!

Happy singing!

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