Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary a Haven for Residents and Visitors Alike

Posted by Karly, Ziptivity’s South Shore Community Ambassador

My  ZipPick this week is for all those animals (not my kids) who are just DONE with the winter!   For this activity, bring your boots and prepare to get a little dirty – after all, that’s what kids do, right?  Actually, I’ll admit I was jumping in puddles this week with my kids.  And no, I don’t have rain boots!!!  Eeek!

So this week, I recommend you visit Norton’s Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary, open daily (except on Tuesdays) from 11:30-5pm.  It is such an extraordinary experience.  Everything is a little snowy and a little icy-sort-of-muddy, but the animals are out and about and waiting for visitors!!

I was there this morning dropping off cat food and fruit for the animals.  While I was there, Diane, a volunteer, said it’s been a tough winter – especially for the birds.  My heart just melted.  They have shelter for the animals, but the conditions were just far worse this year than in years past.  So as I was there, I remembered how much my kids love it there.  The ponies come right up to us, the Emu struts by, the chickens, dogs and cats greet you at the gate.  It really gives you a look at what an amazing job Debbie, the owner, does for these rescued animals.

So if you are looking to spend some time in some muddy conditions, check out Winslow Farm.  And why not bring some food for the animals – they’ll love you for it…..maybe even some dog kisses!  Chow for now!

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