Henry Allen Theatreworks: No better man for the job

Contributed by Ann, Ziptivity.com’s North Shore Community Ambassador

“I met the most amazing man today…”, I told my husband one night last week.  Silence. I went on (quickly) to explain my meeting Henry Allen, actor, activist, and founder of the newly opened Henry Allen TheatreWorks in Gloucester.  I really only had about 15 minutes to talk to Henry, and wanted to learn more about his children’s theatre group centered around our local Gloucester history. Forty-five minutes later I hated to leave.

Henry lost his son, Cameron, to a brain tumor two years ago at the age of 13.  It was a long battle, and Henry pretty much quit his job and moved into the hospital to be with his son.  He since has founded Brain Candy, a charity that provides a support system for parents living in hospitals with critically ill children.  Flash forward to now.  Henry has moved to Cape Ann, a place he has always been drawn to, to start an amazing and unique theatre group where kids can write, produce and act in their own original productions.  He has classes for for children as young as 4 all the way up to adults.

North Shore moms have been asking for theatre, and I can’t imagine a better man for the job!

Save the Date:

The Brain Candy Project: Cameron’s Feast, April 16, Gloucester, 6-10pm

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