Natural Resources Trust of Easton Sheep Pasture: Outdoor Fun, Camps and More!

Contributed by Karly,’s South Shore Community Ambassador

Last Friday we got such a TEASE – 70+ degree weather, then just a few days ago we saw SNOW!  What is going on?  Confused?  Left wondering, “Should I do something inside with the kids, or should I go outside and possibly have everyone freeze because you’ve dressed the kids like it’s spring?!”  Wait, it IS spring… New England Spring, that is.

I’m with ya!  A nice FREE place to visit if you want fresh air, but don’t have to cover miles of land with your lollygagger kids (mine walk, pick up rocks, stop, walk, draw in the dirt with a stick, walk, stop again) then check out The NRT Sheep Pasture in Easton.  “It is the mission of the Natural Resources Trust of Easton (NRT) to educate about significant natural and cultural resources and to acquire and preserve land of special character for the benefit of the public. The NRT promotes a land ethic in the community through educational programming.” Not only do they teach us how to care for this wonderful piece of land and have a nice little hiking area, but they also have animals.  There are sheep, ponies, goats, lots of inhabitated bird houses and just a really nice atmosphere.  This is where I go for a quick trip outdoors.  What I love is the fact that I’m not paying a fee to a zoo to only hear my kids whine that’s it too cold and complain that their hands are frozen (even if I did warn them to wear their gloves:  just because there isn’t snow on the ground doesn’t mean it’s hot out!).

Speaking of hot out, they also offer summer camp options!  Sheep Pasture Nature Camp, Outdoor Explorers Preschool Summer Program, and Crafty Critters Summer Preschool Program.  These programs are for ages 6-12 and 4-5.  You can do a whole week for the 6-12 yr olds, either all summer (June 17th – August 12th) or for just a few weeks.  Price ranges from $210/$225 per week depending on whether you are a member or non-member respectively.  If you have little kids, ages 4-5, they offer a Monday/Tuesday program or a Thursday/Friday program.  Again, prices range from $45-$75 depending on which program you pick and whether you area member vs. non-member.  The preschool options meet the needs of those nature adventurers and also those who maybe like nature from afar but would prefer to do a nature-related craft.

Either summer or just something to do at the drop of a hat, NRT Sheep Pasture is something to check out for sure! Maybe try Family Game Night next week.  We might be there.  I just have to see if we have all our CandyLand pieces first.  Hmm, and if all the “fun” cards are not missing…

Enjoy a day or night at the NRT!

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