Celebrate Music in our Schools: Nicolucci Concert Series presents a Youthful Introduction to Music

When I entered the fourth grade at Central Elementary School in my hometown of Southington, CT, I was finally of age to join the school band.  I chose the flute.  Well, let me rephrase:  my mother and I chose the flute (the trumpet, which my brother played, and the drums were off limits – I always wanted to copy my big brother).

Nevertheless, I took to it like Justin Bieber to a bowl haircut.  I practiced relentlessly, and by the time I reached “senior year” (6th grade), I was first flute and piccolo player.  I even picked up the alto sax and joined the jazz band.  Sadly, by the time I reached high school, my interests diverted elsewhere (soccer, boys, calculus, boys, theatre… did I mention boys?).  But my appreciation for music, particularly for music in youth, still remains.

So I found it incredibly endearing to hear that Wellesley Free Library was showcasing the talents of Wellesley’s esteemed music students in a two-week annual music series, Nicolucci Concert Series, which ends this Sunday.  The series is presented by the Wellesley Free Library and Wellesley Public Schools in celebration of Music in our Schools Month.  Last Sunday, the program included the 6th grade jazz band, flute groups and voice students.  This Sunday’s program includes a fiddle group, violin duets, voice students and flute groups.

The performances are free and open to the public.  I could not think of a better way to introduce music to your younger children than to have them see and listen to what their peers and “elders” have achieved in such a short time.

Do you have any children’s music programs you would recommend to our readers?  Please, by all means, chime in.  Your insights would be music to our earsBah dum bum.  You get my drift.

Who, what, where, when, how much?

Nicolucci Concert Series

Wellesley Free Library, 530 Washington Street, Wellesley

Sunday, March 27 from 3-4:30 p.m.

Free and fun for the whole family!

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