Ziptivity’s South Shore Summer Camp ZipPicks

Here are Karly’s South Shore ZipPicks from our Summer Camp Edition of ZipNews!  Read this special edition of ZipNews here to also learn about other camp recommendations from our Community Ambassadors in Metro Boston, MetroWest, and the North Shore.

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Do you have younger kids who want to experience “camp” life or get them ready for pre-school?  Check out this one and still have Friday beach days together!
What: Easton Country Day School Summer Fun

Where: Easton, MA
Who: Ages entering preschool or currently in preschool, pre-K and kindergarten (2.9-7yrs old)
When: June 20th-Sept.1st; Monday through Thursday 8:30am-12:30pm
How much: $185 per session. Registration fee of $50 for special art supplies and liability insurance.  $50 fee is waived if they are enrolled for the 2011 school year.
Why: This camp offers 5 sessions that you can choose from – whether it’s one session (a session consists of two 4day weeks) or all 5!  Visit the website to see all the themes for each session.  My oldest daughter goes there and the director is the picture perfect “what a nursery school teacher” should be like.  She’s kind and sweet, but doesn’t let the kids get away with anything – teaching them manners while still having fun.  My oldest has learned so much in just the few short months that she has attended nursery school.  This was offered to us before she started the school year and because she was so “attached” to me, I just couldn’t bring myself to drop her off because I wasn’t sure she was ready.  Well, what a crazy idea!  I totally should have done it because she would have been better prepared for school.  Since my daughter hadn’t done day care a day in her life, school was a BIG step – what a great idea to get them ready!  I love it and I think we will be doing a session for my youngest this summer.  Preschool here she comes!
Registration Deadline: No deadline, but hurry to make sure you get your first pick for the special theme of the week.

In case you missed my blog about the next camp, it’s a must read!

What: Everwood Day Camp

Where: Sharon, Ma

Who: Ages 4-12 (finished 6th grade and going into 7th grade)

When: Camp starts June 27th and ends August 26th.  9am-4pm are regular camp hours, but extended day is an option from 7:30am-9am or 4pm-6pm.

How much: There are lots of tuition discounts for siblings, occupational (children of police, firefighters, teachers and deployed military and inactive military), and referrals.  ($8 extra/day for extended morning) and  ($10 extra/day for extended afternoon ) or $14 combined. Tuition varies, but it ranges from $1275-$3450 for a five day program of 3 weeks up to 9 weeks.  If you choose a 3 day program it ranges from $975-$2625 for 3 weeks up to 9 weeks.  Price includes round trip bus rides to and from camp (not including those who choose extended day), daily afternoon snacks and juice (Kosher options available), and BBQ lunch every Friday!

Why: Everwood is very connected to the way in which a child evolves. The founder and staff of Everwood has a pulse on what’s going on with the youth of today.  They just announced they are adding Dr. Michael Thompsonto their clinical staff.  He’s a very dyamic psychologist who has written several well known books, “Raising Cain”, “Best Friends, Worst Enemies”, and several others.  I heard him speak at an event sponsored by Everwood Day Camp and it made me understand that they know what a kids goes through these days….life as a kid isn’t easy, but Everwood will certaintly support the total child.  This camp is deeper than I can even explain…..check out the website and see where it can all begin for a summer of fun, learning, and growing as a camper!

What: Dedham Community House Summer Day Camp

Where: Dedham, MA

Who: Those who are going into kindergarten through those going into 7th grade.

When: June 27th-August 26th with an additional 2 “mini camp” which occurs June 20th-June 24th and also August 29th-Sept. 2nd.  Hours are 9am-4pm, but extended day consists of either 7am-9am and 4pm-6pm or both.

How much: $245 per week for members; $258 per week for non-members.

Why: This grabbed my eye for a huge reason to pick DCH Summer Day Camp: High Touch High Tech Science Program:  New for 2011, High Touch High Tech Science of New England will come each week and provide each group with a 30 minute fun and educational science activity.  The campers will learn and participate in great science experiments which have incuded topics such as eyesight, dinosaurs, gems, volcanos, bugs and much more!!!  Very different, very cool.  Visit the website for more information.

Registration Deadline: Space in the program is limited. Each child must be registered for a minimum of two weeks which do not need to be consecutive. Enrollment may be extended on a weekly basis if space is available.

What: Academy at Foxborough – Summer at the Academy

Where: Foxborough, MA

Who: Ages 2.9-12 yrs. old

When: June 13th-Sept. 2nd; Monday-Friday 7am-6pm

How much: $175/week or $40/day; There is a $100 materials fee, but this serves as the registration deposit.  In total for the whole summer: $2,200.

Why: This is a great pick because the staff here is amazing.  I have had the pleasure of meeting the director and her staff.  When I was met at the door to introduce myself, I felt like I could take off my shoes and grab a tea with them!  They are extremely welcoming and it was very apparent.  They are a Christian based facility and really do a great job of integrating their belief into their every day work with the kids.  The summer program is a new program that they are offering and although not academic in nature, a lot of the activities will reinforce what children may have learned in the classroom, but in a new venue not typical to that of the school year.  So if you are looking for a Christian based camp, then you should give Summer at the Academy a call!  Check out the summer program on their website.

Registration Deadline: Registration opened March 1st.

What: Winslow Farm Summer Green Sprouts Enrichment Program

Where: Norton, MA

Who: Ages 5-10
When: June through August: 9am-3pm – extended hours available, contact Josephine White 352-410-2919 or email
How much: $200/week
Why: This camp consists of all the things that I know kids love: hiking, archery, animal of the day, theme days, canoeing, gardening, cooking, sports, playground, grooming/cleaning of animals and farm, and much more!  Not many camps can say they have animals available to them every day!!  Sounds like a great place for kids to play and learn all at once.  Not to mention, they struggle on a day-to-day basis to stay afloat with the ever increasing costs of animal care, so not only are your kids learning with the hands-on activities of farm life, but they will be contributing to a wonderful cause. Visit their website to learn more about their efforts to rescue animals and create awareness.

Registration Deadline: Summer is fast approaching and the number of applicants is limited, so please act soon!

What: Maplewood Country Day Camp

Where: Easton, MA

Who: Ages 4-14

When: 9am-4pm Monday through Friday; extended hours available 7:30am and 6pm; July 27th-August 19th (with the addition and option for a 9th week of camp)
How much: Prices range because there are so many options to mix and match length of time and amount of days.  You can do anything from a 2 week camp to an 8 week camp, 5 days, 3 days, or 2days.  Whatever fits your busy summer with the family.  Tuition ranges from $1045-$3450, it all depends on what you decide to pick. As a reminder, there is a sibling discount!

Why: My kids take classes here and they love the staff.  Head over Heals and Wiggles Worms to be specific….and it’s because we are there week-to-week, we know how the place operates and we love it!  And actually 3 of my closests friends growing up went there years ago (I won’t date myself) and to this day the camp is operated by the same family.  They have added a few different options since the days of my friends going there like a summer reading program, a Circus Kids Create (3 day circus camp – sounds cool) under the direction of Circus Minimus, and a lot more that will keep your kids having fun and enjoying day camp! Check out their website or camp brochurefor more!

Registration Deadline: Enrollment is rolling so mail in those applications to reserve a spot!

What: Kidsports Summer Program 2011
Stoughton, MA
Who: Ages 2.9 – 14yrs old
When: June 16-Sept. 2nd (*Summer program begins the 1st weekday after Stoughton Public Schools close AND Summer program ends the day before Stoughton Public Schools opens.) Regular day is from 9am-5pm, early drop-off (7am) and late pick-up (6pm) are options too.
How much: The range is from $137-$260 per week.  It all depends if you decide to pick 2, 3, 4, or all 5 days!  Sibling discounts and vouchers accepted.
Why: Each week features multiple exciting off-site field trips: CoCoKey Water Resort, Pirate Cruise, Paw Sox game – just to name a few.  The best part about Kidsports is when it’s WAY too hot to run around outside (because you know we have at least 2 heat waves a summer), they have an airconditioned indoor playspace so that the kids can get their exercise in for the day without getting overheated.  Another nice piece of this offering is that you can pick whichever day you want per week….so if you know for sure you have a couple of activities planned during the week over the summer then you schedule around it.  This way you don’t have to pay for camp days you know you will miss.  Or if you know for sure you are going away for several days on vacation, just don’t pick those days for camp.  As long as you know ahead of time you can pick a la carte!  How nice!!  See their website or summer program line up for more details.
Registration Deadline: Kidsports just asks that you know your schedule of the days you would like by mid-June.

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