Singin’ in the Rain (or anything really) at Arsenal Center for the Arts is Pure Fun!

Posted by Tara, Ziptivity’s Metro Boston Community Ambassador


As parents, we’re always looking for a balance between work and play – for ourselves and our kids. On the weekends, my kids want to let loose, have fun – play, play, play. But there are chores to do and errands to run. Where is the balance? This weekend, I think it may be in Watertown.

For pure fun, go to the Arsenal Center for the Arts to see the Watertown Children’s Theatre (WCT) production of Singin’ in the Rain. My kids love the movie, and I think they would enjoy this show even more, because the stars are kids like them.  If your child is inspired by the young thespians, take a look at WCT’s upcoming programs. While you’re at the Arsenal Center for the Arts, check out the beautiful space where they hold classes, vacation camps, summer programs, and birthday parties (which are really fun, according to my daughter). I also recommend visiting the delightful little shop, especially if you have the opportunity to look around for a few minutes without the kids tugging on your arm.

For playtime, drive to the parking lot of the Arsenal Mall. Tucked away behind the mall (and to the right) is Arsenal Park, which, in my opinion, is one of the nicest parks in the Boston Metro area. It has its own parking lot with ample spaces. In addition to the playground, there is a walking/bike path, which is great for young riders who are new to the world of two-wheelers. If you stand in the field in the middle, you can see your kid on the path all the way around. Your family can kick a ball around in the open green space, play tennis and basketball on the courts, or just relax on one of the park benches. For the older and more daring kids, there is a skate park, too. If the amphitheater is not in use, your budding stars can put on a show for you.

All that fun is great, but you need to run errands first, right? Fortunately, there are two shopping centers in the vicinity. On one side of the street, it’s the Arsenal Mall and Home Depot. On the other side is Watertown Mall with a Target and a Best Buy. My whole family dreads shopping trips, but knowing that theatre fun and playtime at the park are at the end of the tunnel of errands might make it a little easier to get through. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, right?

To fuel the day’s work and play, there are a number of family-friendly dining options:

  • Friendly’s – in front of Target
  • Bugaboo Creek – across from Home Depot
  • Dunkin’ Donuts and a food court – inside Arsenal Mall
  • Panera Bread – very close to the Arsenal Center for the Arts

Isn’t it nice to feel balanced, even if it’s just for a day?

Note: The tickets for Singin’ in the Rain are going FAST – the performance on April 1st is already sold out. Get your tickets here.

P.S. – Tight budget? It’s Museums on Us© weekend! Bank of America Cardholders: Show your bank card and photo ID to get into the Harvard Museum of Natural History for FREE. Be aware that unless your kids have Bank of America cards, admission is $6 for ages 3-18. If you don’t want to spring for the kids’ admission, go between 9am and 12pm on Sunday, when Massachusetts residents are admitted for free.  The museum has Nature Storytime on Saturdays and Sundays at 11am and 2pm for kids 6 and under, and if you have a middle-schooler, don’t miss the illuminating Family Program from 2-3pm on Sunday afternoon: Bioluminescent Animals. Take a look at the HMNH website for more info about programs for kids and families.

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