Finding joy yet moderation with a sweet tooth – animal, child, even Grampa

Posted by Karly, Ziptivity’s South Shore Community Ambassador

So, I’m back.  Sorry I wasn’t available to blog last week, but I had to take care of my Dad who was in the hospital because he had a major heart attack.  Really there is not other way to put it.  I got the call at 6am Tuesday morning and that’s when my week spiraled out of control, my “control” that is.

Not only was I traveling into Boston to take care of him (take care of my Mom really), but I was also planning my daughter’s birthday party for Saturday.  My father is home and recovering which is great, but it was at the expense of missing his grandaugher’s 4th birthday.

I know you are all probably wondering how this relates to a ZipPick, but believe it or not, it does!  My daughter told my Dad she was having a snake at her birthday party (and he’s terrified of them), so he said to her he might not make it (jokingly)… Uh um, Dad, the hospital is no way of getting out of seeing the snake!

How was there going to be a snake you ask?  Well, we had Animal World Experience at her party. This husband and wife duo own 33 rescued animals and bring them around to teach kids (usually adults actually) NOT to be afraid of crazy looking lizards, long slithery snakes, or how to be gentle and quiet to a super-soft chinchilla. They are at the Children’s Museum in Easton every Tuesday and we will be joining them on a Thursday during April vacation week.

I really can’t say enough about the shows these two put on and just how patient they are with wild little kids ages 0 and up!  They take the time to let each child either pet or hold the animal.  They explain how the animals live in the wild and protect themselves from predators, or how they are useful for eating certain pests in corn fields, or what there favorite foods are to eat.  Wouldn’t you think every bunny LOVES carrots….wrong!  The bunny that visited our house LOVES apples and really has a sweet tooth.

Ahh, and speaking of sweet tooths… much like the birthday girl who had a two-tier birthday cake (what really looked like a wedding cake) made by an amazing local mom by the name of The Confetti Girl.  A thousand compliments on the cake and the entertainment.  The day ended up being just liked she had imagined.  She did shed a few tears that Grammy and Grampa weren’t there, but I told her they will be there for birthdays to come.  Take your health seriously, those around you certainly would be thankful!

Check out this adorable cupcake and beautiful cake from her portfolio:

Want to keep your kids healthy?  Remember 60 minutes of exercise a day for your little ones (you too!) and if the April showers pop up, what better way to get in the activity than to bounce, climb and bowl at Kidsports in Stoughton!  First person to respond to me after reading my blog will win 2 passes to Kidsports in Stoughton – act fast, they expire April 30th!

One Response to “Finding joy yet moderation with a sweet tooth – animal, child, even Grampa”
  1. Amanda says:

    What a sweet post no pun intended! I hope that your dad’s doing well and glad your daughter had a very special bday!

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