Drop ’em and Go (or Stay) at Mamas Move

Posted by Karly, Ziptivity’s South Shore Community Ambassador

Ok so I always have this guilty feeling (something we moms know all too well) that on the few days I have with my kids, I am dragging them all over creation doing errands.  And sure, you can make it educational and they do get a little something out of it – co-existing with the rest of the world, learning how to speak to others, being friendly, and exercising their manners etc.

But at some point I feel like I need for them to have a day where they can go play without me while I can get some stuff done.  I’m talking about a day besides one with Grammy.  Don’t get me wrong – those are the most special of days: one-on-one with my mother playing dress-up and Barbies without interruption of someone (a.k.a, me) having to do dishes or laundry.

Enter Mamas Move in Norwell:  they offer this to all caregivers!  Mamas Move has this great Drop and Go ExploraZone where you have babysitting for your little one and they get to hang out in this great playspace.  Now that my dad needs me a little more and my mom is back to work, I am in the market for my kids to have a spot to hang out and enjoy themselves instead of going to the grocery store and read labels for low sodium (oh wait, they don’t read the labels – they are too busy fighting over the small shopping cart car that they barely fit into anymore).

Not only do they have this wonderful Drop and Go option, but they have amazing programs for babiestoddlers, big kidsmoms and the whole family.  Mamas Move is even generously offering Ziptivity families 10% off their spring classes which begin April 25.  This is just the tip of the iceberg – cruise through the classes/camps tab on our site to find wayyyy more.  Oh, even April vacation activities and summer programs!

It’s endless and when I took a tour of the facility, I was ready to hop into their massage bed and relax for a minute.  Yes, they offer massages – BONUS!  They offer massage services, exercise equipment, a place to shower and change, a cafe, babysitting, just about everything in one place.  Love it!!

And the owners are amazing women who have “been there, done that” and know what a mom needs in order for her to operate at top efficiency.  If you worry about leaving your kids at a new place, rest assured it’s like maximum security – it’s as if you enrolled them in preschool.  Photo ID is needed for pick up with a matching bracelet.  These women take your kids on as one of their own, making it far easier to do.

It’s that wonderful here.  So “zip” on over to Norwell and check out the Mamas at Mamas Move and enjoy some time to yourself without the guilt.  Everybody will be a happier kid, happier mom, happier YOU!


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