It’s Not Easy Being Green… or is it?

Posted by Ann, Ziptivity’s North Shore Community Ambassador

For over 40 years, Earth Day (always April 22, btw) is a day when we all come together to show our commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.  Our children take it quite seriously, and so we learn from them all the simple (and not so simple) things we can do to be better citizens.  Kids don’t litter (they pass their trash to us, filling up our coat pockets).  They, the “Green Police” at my house, remind us to turn off lights, shut off the running water, and pack their snacks in those “cool” brown bags.  Suddenly it’s very “in” to be Green.  

I recently had a wonderful day at a local new salon, Prana, in the quaint village of Gloucester’s Lanesville. The shop owner, Faye, is an Aveda alum that has ventured out on her own to provide an incredibly organic solution to beauty.  She carries a line of products developed by the former founder of Aveda, Horst Rechelbacher, called Intelligent Nutrients.  In a nutshell, these products are so safe they are edible.  (No more worries about all that nasty stuff we put in our hair to stay forever blonde…)

As a relative newbie to the shade of Green, I asked Faye, the certified expert, to help me break down the “must-haves” in organic foods:

1.      Meat is a must. Anyone who has watched Food, Inc. knows that.

2.      Moving on to produce… Faye talked about fruits and veggies that we eat with thin/edible skins.  These skins are incredibly vulnerable to disease and bugs.  Most large companies will spray the heck out of these products to keep them “pretty” for the consumer.  Her “Top Five”:

  1. Apples
  2. Strawberries
  3. Grapes
  4. Peaches/Plums
  5. Celery

3.      Then there’s crop sharing… like Ipswich’s Appleton Farms and a huge trend in CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture), where consumers buy “shares” of local, seasonal food directly from a farmer and pick up their “share” (typically a box of vegetables) at a convenient location.  I couldn’t find a town on the North Shore that wasn’t associated with a CSA farm.

So on we move to celebrate Earth Day with our most precious commodity, our kids:

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