The Long and Winding Road to and from The Boston Marathon

Post submitted by Casey, our Metro West Community Ambassador

For my April vacation this year, I will run my 5th Boston Marathon.  After that?  I am taking a week with the family to Block Island to enjoy some serious down time.

Recently, my 9-year old son asked, “Mom, why do you run anyway?” I stood there and looked at him and wanted to say, “because of you, your brother, and your 2 sisters!”  But he continued with, “It is soooo boring and you can hurt your knees.”

As he walked away, I thought to myself, “why do I run anyway?”  And this is what I came up with:

  1. I run FOR and FROM my family. Sometimes, if I just get 20 minutes of fresh air, I am a better mom.  And I never use a jogging stroller:  to me that is a mild form of torture.  This is MINE and you cannot come.
  2. I run for control, for strength and for sanity:  three things that I find I can never get to work altogether.  EVER.
  3. I run for simplicity. One foot in front of the other.  Nothing too fancy – just a decent pair of shoes and I am off.
  4. I run to get high fives from my kids at mile 19 and to hear them say, “Mom, what took you so long?!” and  “Mom, there are a TON of runners in front of you!”

Bottom line:  I run because I need lots of strength for both the long road ahead of me and the road left behind – the road that I am so thankful for.

One Response to “The Long and Winding Road to and from The Boston Marathon”
  1. Aubrey says:

    Great post! As a runner myself, I understand these reasons and applaud you 🙂 The Boston marathon was not on the agenda for this year but is on it for next!

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