Adopt a Whale at The Whale Center of New England

The Whale Center of New England (WCNE) is now open for the season Monday through Friday from 9-5!

The Whale Center of New England in Gloucester was founded in 1980 to study the whales frequenting waters off the Massachusetts coast.  The main attraction at their museum is the 28′ skeleton of Inland, a young female humpback whale who spent months along Boston’s North Shore.  It’s absolutely incredible!

We recently “adopted” a whale from WCNE.  We chose “Tear” from a list of 10 possible local whales that frequent our North Shore coast (mainly because of his “cool” scars).

My boys are thrilled at the prospect of actually meeting Tear one day this summer on one of the many Cape Ann whale watch cruises.  I suspect that we will make several trips – as many as it takes, before meeting “our” whale.  (My middle guy recently presented Tear’s biography and photo’s to his kindergarten class, introducing him as our “pet”, along with Target the bunny.)

Their adoption program is a wonderful way to introduce children to the importance of protecting this endangered species, while providing financial support for the many programs of the Whale Center of New England, one of the oldest whale research groups in the world.

2 Responses to “Adopt a Whale at The Whale Center of New England”
  1. Ann,
    I have the perfect musical group to perform at The Whale Center of New England!
    Oceans Are Talking! is a musical call-to-action from Barcelona.. It’s for K-6 children and their families, and are enjoying success with the CD and the live performances in the USA and here in Europe.

    Oceans received a 2011 Parents’ Choice Award for outstanding children’s media. This week “Oceans Are Talking” is being featured on Kids’ Place Live at Sirius/XM Radio. All good things for our cause.

    We will be touring the New England States again in late September/early October and would be a perfect choice for a perform at this venue. As we are an NGO, we would give away up to 1000 free download cards at local elementary schools on Earth Day, this coming June 8th. The kids and their families would then have the music for a few months leading up to our return after the summer. This formula is proving very successful in terms of our call-to-action, and the kids have a ton of fun in the process.

    If you are interested in this, please drop me an email at your convenience or give me a time when I can call you. Visit and click on the Oceans Are Talking page for more information.

    • ann says:

      Hello Laurie,

      This does sound like a great fit! Please email me your contact info to and I’ll work to set something up between you and WCNE. They’re very progressive with their approach to schools and I suspect would show interest in collaborating. I’ll help however I can.


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