Birthday Party Indecisions

In the month of May we celebrate 3 birthdays: Maggie will be 8 May 2nd, I will be 29 (again) on May 3rd, and my husband will be [insert sneeze here while saying a very high number] on May 9th.

Maggie has changed her mind so many times on her party theme that if I don’t take notes, we will blowing out candles on a black one-eyed princess cake and having a  3-legged Pin the Tail on the Donkey Race.  Thank goodness we have settled on a Sleepover/Spa celebration with eight of her closest “home girls”.

We will be serving “girls in sleeping bags” (a.k.a. pigs in a blanket) and playing the musical nail polish game. If it were up to me, Maggie would have a Woodland Backyard Fairy Party (BTW, you MUST check out this exceptionally talented children’s event planner out of Wellesley – learn more about Kate Landers below). All the girls would come in party dresses, eat their cake like ladies and leave with NO goodie bags!

But gone are the days of me planning my kids backyard parties with moonwalks and make your own ice cream sundaes. We have moved to parties that include gymnastics, laser tag and pottery painting.

Oh well, I guess I need to grow up also.  Happy birthday, Maggs!

Care to share your favorite birthday party resource?

About Kate Landers Events in Wellesley

Kate Landers founded Kate Landers Events, LLC, in spring of 2009. The business was founded on her belief that every child deserves to be celebrated. Kate has a tremendous passion for creating extraordinary events for children–she prefers to design an “experience” for the birthday child and their guests, as opposed to just another celebration.  Her goal is to create parties that are stylish, charming, sophisticated, whimsical and darling. Above all, to spark the imagination of the children and help the birthday child feel truly adored. She has designed and/or created a number of spectacular events for children, many which you will see in her Portfolio.

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