La Vida Rock Gym has the outdoors covered when it comes to family camping

Posted by Ann, Ziptivity’s North Shore Community Ambassador

I dropped my 8-yo off one day last week with a buddy at La Vida Rock Gym in Wenham.  It’s part of the new sports and recreation center (the Bennett Center) at Gordon College.  What an amazing facility!  The newly built center consists of a 72,000 sq. ft. area that includes among other things, an immaculate swimming pool (offering lessons to the public) and an incredible rock climbing room with what looks to be 100′ ceilings!

J and his buddy had a blast!  New to the sport, they were given appropriate footwear and taught the basics of climbing including how to tie knots and belaying skills. They were running a special April vacation program and for a measly $25 they had him for 5, yes FIVE hours!

How pleased was I to see that the center is hosting an event this coming Saturday?!  La Vida Adventure Day was created with the primary focus of providing young people and their families with a fun and exciting outdoor experience. Activity options include: high and low challenge courses, canoeing, kayaking, and rock climbing.

They’re even hosting an overnight!  For families who want to participate in camping, for an additional $10 fee per person, you get: sleeping bags, tents, dinner, a fire side snack, night hike, games, and breakfast on Sunday morning.  $85 for a family of 5 for 24 hours of family entertainment – outside of my home?  Sold!

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