The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift – plus camps and birthdays – from Ceramics a la Carte

Posted by Karly, Ziptivity’s South Shore Community Ambassador

My daughter collects the last egg of the day on Sunday (candy-filled – she has the sweetest tooth in town), looks at me and asks: “What holiday comes next!?”  You should have seen her disappointment when I said, “Mother’s Day!”

But seriously, she was excited for me because she thinks I need a day when someone leaves me stuff overnight that I can open first thing in the morning.  Alright!  She gets it!  She actually gets what it’s all about… but what is it all about?

Well, I Googled “Mother’s Day” and this website popped up first.  Seems factual and is very interesting, reassuring me that it’s not a holiday made up by Hallmark (but perhaps overtaken by them).  Bottom line:  it is all about mom.  And if so, what do you do for mom to make her smile and show how you appreciate her?  How about Custom Handprints at Ceramics a la Carte!

We did this for my mother-in-law for Christmas (poor Pops got a picture frame my husband decorated with stickers – it’s the thought that counts, right?).  She loved it.  It had my girls’ and my nephew’s handprints on a platter along with my baby nephew’s footprint – ages and names below each print:  four totally beautiful memories of our kids that she will see everytime she pulls out her platter for a family gathering.  Ceramics a la Carte’s owner, Cathy, will help you decide what type of pottery to paint and the colors to include.  She has an eye for this!

The painting adventure was just that, an adventure.  My sister-in-law and I had 4 kids under 3 to manage in this shop with ALL breakable items in it – high and low.  Low enough to touch for a two 2-yr olds and a 3-year old!  But they were great.  The trick?  Cathy has a playroom in her studio – GENIUS!  Did I mention it’s a “gated” play area?  This woman must be a mom.

The second trick to it all?  After they do the handprint, the kids inevitably want to continue painting.  So we got them something small that they could do on their own and be as creative as possible.  After we did this, my cousin asked abouut it for my aunt’s birthday.  She specifically wanted to know if her wildman toddler could handle it.  You see, he’s your typical boy – perpetual motion, as my mother calls it.  Yet Cathy has a solution for everyone:  she will let my sister-in-law bring in his travel high chair.  Super smart!  Contained and happy in a familiar chair.

Cathy is wonderful and she just wants to share the pottery and painting experience with everyone.  Her little slogan is: “Feel Good.  Paint Pottery.”  Not only does she offer daily activites, but she does camp too!  SUMMER ART PROGRAM – Session 1 is just one of the weeks and she has 8 to choose from, all posted on our site.  She even has little Summer Monday Mini-Classes if that fits your child’s schedule better.

And if you are looking for a “cool” birthday party option this hot and humid summer, you can do her Summer Sundaes Birthday Parties!  Make ice cream-related items in the studio, then head over to Hilliards to make your own sundae… yum!  I might be doing this with my younger daughter – we always seem to find something hot and sticky to do in August and this would be a sweet alternative.

So, back to mom (sorry, got a little excited).  If you are trying to think of that great gift idea, call Cathy now!  She just sent an e-mail out last night saying there is still time for Mother’s Day gifts.  But remember, it has to go into a kiln and be fired up.  So get in now and get to painting!

Oh, and a gentle reminder to DAD might be in order.  My husband was shocked when Easter “popped” up on him – oh yeah, Easter was late this year to boot!  Men!!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Ceramics a la Carte, 781-828-6660

95 Washington St, Canton

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