Big Pigs at Briggs – and so much more!

Posted by Karly, Ziptivity’s South Shore Community Ambassador

This week’s ZipPick is for all those former Iowan’s who now live in “Bahston” and “pahk their cah in Hahvahd yahd”!  Confused?

Ok, so I used live in Iowa.  Yep, I lived there until I was 4.  My Dad’s whole family is from Iowa.  I think out of the hundreds of Beadles and Broms, only 2 or 3 have actually moved out of the state.  No one really leaves Iowa, but my Dad did and here we are.

So one day not long ago, I took my parents to Briggs to show them this BIG pig that resides outside of the nursery in North Attleboro.  We went with my kids so that we could feed the animals in this little side farm.  I was sure they would be amazed by this huge pig, but oh man was I wrong! Apparently, ALL the pigs in Iowa start out this big.

Now I have some somber news: that big pig we drove out to see is now living life in the Big Pigpen in the Sky.  How do I know this?  How DO I know this!  Life is so random.  A Briggs’ tree caretaker was planting a new tree outside my parents’ house just the other day and I asked how the big pig was doing.  Hmmm, didn’t get the answer I was looking for.  But don’t be too sad. He lived a “full” life, patrons always keeping him well-fed.  And now a new pig has taken his place – although not quite as big as the last guy, still bigger than any pig I have seen locally.

So, if you are looking for something FREE and fun to do with the kids, take a ride over to Briggs Nursery and feed the animals (chickens, bunny, donkey, and pig of course).  They are all very friendly and you don’t have to feel obligated to buy something at the Nursery because the little petting zoo/farm is off to the side of the establishment.  However, they do have a cute little cafe inside and you could bring lunch out to the wooden train to enjoy in the warm weather that is in store for us.  There is plenty of parking and if you are planning on planting a garden this summer, you can pick up some seeds or plants in the greenhouse!  Or pick up a few items to do some planting with your little ones.

I do not have a green thumb; I manage to kill just about every living thing that comes into this house (kids not included). And oh how I hope that fish that my daughter got as a birthday present makes it.  But I did do a planting activity with my kids last year and it was so much fun to watch them watch the flowers grow!

Check out Briggs… bring some carrots and apples and enjoy a day with living creatures of every shape and SIZE!

Briggs Nursery is located at:

295 Kelley Boulevard
North Attleboro, MA 02760
(508) 699-7421

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