Kids (and parents) love Kidz Wurld!

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day?!?  Who made the last line up?  A gardner?!  I could probably do without the rain forever, but maybe that’s because I don’t have rainboots and oh yeah, the kids and I are going stir crazy!  Lucky for us we have our dear friends down in North Attleboro, Kidz Wurld – an indoor playground.  This facility is for ages 8 and under and we love it there…it has the 3 C’s: Clean, Contained and Cozy!

Clean: You can be sure that their busy, hardworking staffer, Stacy, will be following you around with the silent vacuum, sucking up those crumbs your cherub is leaving in his wake.

Contained: There’s one way in and one way out.  The indoor playspace is set up so that they see everyone coming in and leaving.  Your little one won’t make it past the front desk without being questioned!  If you lose sight of your child, no fear; they really can’t get out.  The owners are moms themselves and they know the instant panic of not being able to find your kids in the sea of kids.  Chances are they are just having a really good time in the corner on the race cars.  I now hold the title for race car organizer.  Other people’s kids actually listen to ME about taking turns… way better than my own!

And Cozy: No shoes allowed, which helps support the first C and therefore feel free to bring your cozy socks or slippers.  Seriously!  B.Y.O.S. = slippers welcome.  It’s also cozy because the space is small enough that you don’t have to run from one end of a building to the next to keep tabs on your kids.  It’s big enough however to fit 4 large inflatable jumpy houses (correction: inflatable train, jumpy ball pit, bounce house with basketball hoops and a 2-slide jumpy) PLUS an infant/toddler area PLUS a cafe for snack or lunch.

No outside food allowed, but it’s all good… the prices are more reasonable than anywhere I have been.  I had to get my nephew and my 2 kids a snack and juices the other day.  I pulled out a $10 bill hoping that would cover it (I never really bothered to read the signs). Wouldn’t ya know? They told me the total was a whopping $2.25!  Ok, let’s take a good look at that sign.  Hmm, not bad!  I was surprised.  Pleasantly surprised.  How often does that happen?  And speaking of prices and saving money, get yourself a playpasses pack and save money.  They don’t expire and it’s definitely worth the price.

They also offer regular business hours parties or private parties after hours.  We are probably going to book one for July/August to beat the heat.  My daughter will have plenty of sweaty, hot summer birthdays, so I think we will change it up with a trip to her world, Kidz Wurld that is.

Please note that their hours have changed for the Spring/Summer – unless noted on their Facebook page.  Usually when it’s super rainy, they stay open until 5, close at 3pm during the week, and close at 2pm on the weekends.

And since we are on the topic of summer, you’ll never guess what they are offering to you:  Summer Drop-Off Hours!  It’s like mini-camp!  Check out the details for their summer drop off program.  Best part about this… they have it for kids as young as 2-years old (potty-trained please).  Not many camps out there that can accommodate kids this age – usually it’s 4-years old at a minimum.  So if you need to run a few errands or just want your kids to have a little social interaction during the summer while they aren’t attending school, then this is the place for you.  Make a visit to this place in outerspace called Kidz Wurld!

Kidz Wurld is located at:

11 Robert Toner Boulevard
North Attleboro, MA 02763-1174
(508) 695-1674


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