Sounds of Animals (and Chainsaws?) at Davis Farm this Weekend

Dear Mother Nature,

I am wondering if you are mad, because you seem to be in a very RAINY mood.

Would you like to talk about it over a glass of sunwine, I mean, SUNSHINE?

Let me know.


Enough Already!

Weather permitting we are going to head to Davis Farmland this weekend to see the Chainsaw Carving Expo.  My boys will especially love this event – the loud noise makes them feel “manly”.  The girls love the pony rides, face painting station and playing in the pretend house village.

We have been many times over the years and look forward to going back every year, sometimes even twice.  In the summer, they have an amazing spray park that is fun for infants, toddlers and big kids.  It is stroller-friendly, but if your kids are too big for strollers,  you can rent a wagon to pull a tired child and your bag of towels, sunscreen and snacks. Picnic tables are in a shaded area where you can enjoy your own picnic lunch or purchase it from the Herd Rock Calfe’. I try save the Safari Hayride for the end when everyone (including me) is tired of walking.

Davis Farmland has many events throughout the season and they are located at:

145 Redstone Hill

Sterling, MA 01564

(978) 422-6666

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