Ziptivity introduces the Discovery-at-Home Science Activity of the Month

Ziptivity is excited to announce a new partnership with The Discovery Museums! Today we introduce the Discovery-at-Home Science Activity of the Month. With all these rainy days, plus school coming to an end, we thought it would be helpful for parents and caregivers to bring a bit of education and fun to the lazy days of summer.

Children of all sizes make big discoveries every day at The Discovery Museums. The two museums—the Science Discovery Museum and the Children’s Discovery Museum—allow children of all ages to use their natural curiosity to explore the ordinary in extraordinary ways. Children use their senses and critical thinking skills to explore science, math and engineering concepts in an inviting, hands-on environment.

Now, we are partnering with the Museums to bring some of this exploration to parents to do at home with their children.  With the Museums’ Discovery-at-Home activities, families can use simple materials to enjoy hands-on projects and experiments to discover together the wonders of the math, science, art and engineering principles that impact the world we live in.

Have fun! And let us know what you and your kids think.

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