Father’s Day Plans for your South Shore Dads

Posted by Karly, Ziptivity’s South Shore Community Ambassador

I’m going to take you back to Mother’s Day – simply because the counterpart to that holiday is coming up!  My husband always has a great idea for my special day – and although I come up with some good things for his special day, it’s sometimes hard to top.  Not that it’s a competition or anything… hee hee.

So, for Mother’s Day we walked all over Boston following a book we had been reading from the Ames Free Library called Lost by David McPhail.  A lost bear takes you through all the many tourist highlights of Boston.  We did the ever famous Swan Boats, the Skywalk in the Pru to see the whole city, and the Public Garden to smell the beautiful tulips that were in bloom.  It was a perfect day and the kids loved following the different stops from the book.

So, lucky for my husband, I have signed him up for the Father’s Day Race at the Children’s Museum in Easton!  Sounds like a great way to do Father’s Day, no?  Make him work hard on his day! But seriously, this is how we will spend “part” of the day.  He’s as competitive as they come and when I mentioned to him about beating the record (27min 48 sec), he was all in!  It’s a 5-mile run or 2-mile fun-walk (strollers welcome) plus it’s all for a good cause – to help raise money for the Children’s Museum in Easton.

We have had a membership to this museum for 4 years now.  Not only do we have access to visit this museum with our pass, but it’s reciprocal and we visit the Boston Children’s Museum and Providence Children’s Museum for FREE!  There is even a small museum in Cohassett called Our World that we have yet to visit, but plan on doing so at some point this summer!  All worth the membership cost of merely $125/year.

We have done birthday parties at CME and we love all that it has to offer – we have had our friend’s kids CRY when the party was over – seriously, no joke!  My kids and I would be lost without the museum… it’s the best go-to place when it’s just too darn hot out, or the snow and rain keep you from outdoor activities, OR even when it’s nice out and you can picnic in the Wild Place (their outdoor area).

It has so many educational options for the kids.  My kids head right for the facepainting counter the minute we step into the door.  They love “drawing” all over their faces and this face paint ROCKS because it comes off their face (baby wipes work best) and out of their clothes so easily.

Their second favorite stop is upstairs at the Dinosaur Area.  They are in love with figurine animals – we have about 200 of them at our house, species of all sorts.  Next stop is the golf ball run downstairs – drop the ball and watch it roll through tunnels and bowls and on ledges.  We try to donate all the golf balls we have in our basement – people walk off with that stuff, believe it or not, and we certainly don’t golf much anymore (unless we are on vacation, “kidless” that i)s.

Oh, and did I mention that Ziptivity will be there too!?  Yep, handing out waters and Ocean Spray cranberry juice.  So why not sign Dad up and help secure the enrichment classes, educational programs and exhibits of the Children’s Museum in Easton?  We would love to see you there!

And actually, afterwards we are heading to CBS Scene for lunch/dinner for their Father’s Day Kick Off Package where, after you eat, you receive FREE admission to the Hall and 20% off at Patriots Pro Shop.  Call ahead to reserve your spot and ask for the Father’s Day package: (508)203-2200.

Now, you didn’t think I was going to make my husband run a race (on his day to sleep in, no less) without making it worth his while, did ya?!  Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there who make their kids smile each and every day!

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