Stop and smell the wildflowers at DCR Borderland State Park

Posted by Karly, Ziptivity’s South Shore Community Ambassador

Ever go for a run with your kids in the stroller and have to stop every two feet?  Not because you’re winded or have a side cramp, but because your kids want to “pick that flower, no wait that flower… awww, she has more than me!!!”  This is why I don’t run with them anymore.  Well, that’s not the entire truth.  There’s another, more compelling reason: they make me work 4 times harder than I am in shape for at this point in life!  But it does hinder the ultimate workout having to stop and smell the flowers.  Now I know where that cliche comes from!

Well, thankfully, Borderland State Park has the answer to my conundrum this Saturday… a beautiful walk in the park learning about wild flowers!

As soon as I saw this event, I was so excited – I just know how much my girls will love this type of activity.  Borderland really has a lot to offer.  If it isn’t great weather this weekend, then check them out during the week for “Nature on the pond, ponding”.  Or check out the mansion tours.  Or how about the “Off the Beaten Path Hike”… you get the picture.  The options are endless.  And even though the parking is only $2 at Borderland, if you get yourself a DCR pass, you can get into all the DCR parks, pools, and beaches for just $35!!  Check out all the great DCR events and places to see on the South Shore by entering “DCR” into the search criteria on Ziptivity’s search page.  And don’t forget to widen your search beyond 20 miles.  I will drive for triple that just to get relief from the heat!

So, more important question here:  should I dry out or wax paper the flowers that we collected on our walk from the beach to my aunt’s house?  Then I can see if the folks running the Borderland event can identify the ones we picked today!  Seriously, I almost had an older gentleman chase me off his property because the girls just HAD to have the pink flowers!

Girls will be girls.  Enjoy your ZipPacked Weekend!!!

From ZipNews this week, here are my “Top 6 ZipPicks” (sorry had to add that extra pick!) for this weekend: (Subscribe to ZipNews here!)

Save the Dates!

Check out the site for more upcoming events in and around the South Shore!


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