Head to Sharon, MA for the best fireworks display south of Boston

Posted by Karly, Ziptivity’s South Shore Community Ambassador

If you happen to have read the earliest installments of ZipPicks for the South Shore, you would know that I am obsessed with fireworks.  I think it’s partly because my birthday is just before the 4th of July or maybe it’s because I grew up on a lake that draws people from various towns to see the fireworks show in this area… or maybe it just feels like the official kick-off to the summer.

The town of Sharon’s fireworks display and concert is the best that there is for the July 4th celebration.  The fireworks (which start at 9:30 pm) are always held on the 3rd, and along with it come a small carnival and concert.  Everything lasts all day and into the night.  The food vendors are prefect for my little snack attack monsters. The carnival rides vary from year-to-year, my memory fails me here – maybe because my oldest is totally against getting on anything that moves!  Either way, the 4th of July festivities here are a ton of fun.

This holiday conjures up so many feelings and memories about school coming to an end, filling my days with swimming lessons at the lake, and just enjoying the summer sun.  I know the meaning of the 4th of July holiday is to recognize our independence as a country.  But I also think it sort of feels like independence of our spirit – that free feeling of summer break.  I always think about how well Will Smith put it with his lyrics in “Summertime”… “the smell of the grill that sparks up nostalgia” – that’s totally on my iPod!

Years later as a mom, the kids and I now spend a lot of our summer days on the beach of Lake Massapoag.  Luckily for us, my parents are still residents there and we are able to enjoy the same waters that I once enjoyed as a tot, teen and now mom.  They too have witnessed the amazing and awesome fireworks display.

I truly don’t know anywhere else that has a show like the one Sharon puts on for the 4th.  Bring the whole family to the fireworks and enjoy that same lake… non-residents welcome.  Tough parking if you don’t live right down the street, but you can usually park at the Ames Street Playground (Walter Griffin Playground) and walk across the field over to the High School and then to the lake.

Free yourself from it all and take pleasure in having a long weekend with celebratory fireworks!  Happy Birthday America!

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