It doesn’t get more Americana than Carlisle’s Old Home Day

So many great things going on for the 4th of July here in the Greater Boston area, but I am going to brag about my (and Cary’s) little ol’ New England town, Carlisle, MA. Every year, the Saturday before the 4th, Carlisle celebrates “Old Home Day”, probably my kids most favorite day of the year, next … Continue reading

It’s going to be a berry fun weekend in MetroWest Boston

If your kids are like mine and can eat strawberries like they are Skittles, then check out a few “berry” fun ideas… If you are free on Saturday, think about spending it at Verrill Farm for their annual  Strawberry Festival. Get the hard stuff out of the way, like picking the strawberries when it opens at 11 am.  Then … Continue reading

Cool off at some Great Swimming Holes in MetroWest Boston

Dive in… this weekend it is going to be sunny and 84 degrees so grab the sunscreen with UVA & UVB of course.  Here are some great watering holes in MetroWest Boston.  I have been to a few of them, so I have added my 2 cents where I could.  Please add any information or … Continue reading

Discover the Discovery Museums with Free Friday Night Fun… and so much more!

Discover the Discovery Museums this summer… The Discovery Museums are the children’s and science museums of Metrowest Boston, paired on a single campus in Acton.  The two museums—the Science Discovery Museum and the Children’s Discovery Museum—serve families and schools from towns throughout the region, with a commitment to informal education that enhances classroom learning.  The hands-on, … Continue reading

Family fitness + philanthropy = fun this weekend in MetroWest Boston

As an avid “fitness” person (yes, I taught aerobics in the 90’s complete with a microphone and leg warmers), I love events that I can take my crew, knowing they are having fun and we are all getting  some exercise. The bonus?  Raising money for meaningful causes.  This weekend, there are a few great opportunities … Continue reading

Carlisle’s Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony… plus other MetroWest Boston Parades

Teaching what Memorial Day is to my children is a challenge because Memorial Day to them is the mark that summer has begun:  they get a day off from school &  BBQ season is officially open!  But what I really want my children to realize is that it is a day to remember the men … Continue reading

Ziptivity introduces the Discovery-at-Home Science Activity of the Month

Ziptivity is excited to announce a new partnership with The Discovery Museums! Today we introduce the Discovery-at-Home Science Activity of the Month. With all these rainy days, plus school coming to an end, we thought it would be helpful for parents and caregivers to bring a bit of education and fun to the lazy days … Continue reading

Sounds of Animals (and Chainsaws?) at Davis Farm this Weekend

Dear Mother Nature, I am wondering if you are mad, because you seem to be in a very RAINY mood. Would you like to talk about it over a glass of sunwine, I mean, SUNSHINE? Let me know. Signed, Enough Already! Weather permitting we are going to head to Davis Farmland this weekend to see … Continue reading

Ziptivity’s MetroWest Boston Playground Favorites

I must admit – I was a playground junkie when my children were little. And with four kids, every year I felt like my requirements changed just a little bit… based on who was walking, who was potty trained, who was my escape artist, and so on. The one personality that I could never seem … Continue reading

Letter to my DH on Mother’s Day

Dear DH, So I know Mother’s Day is all about brunches and family outings.  I can just picture our baby girl all dolled up in smocking and our sweet boy decked out in a sweater vest, seersucker pants and argyle socks.  My hair actually washed and blown dry with makeup just right. But here’s the … Continue reading