Father’s Day Plans for your South Shore Dads

Posted by Karly, Ziptivity’s South Shore Community Ambassador I’m going to take you back to Mother’s Day – simply because the counterpart to that holiday is coming up!  My husband always has a great idea for my special day – and although I come up with some good things for his special day, it’s sometimes … Continue reading

Summer Slide – Don’t let Summer Reading Loss happen to your family

Posted by Tara, Ziptivity’s Metro Boston Community Ambassador Summer is almost here, and I’m starting to freak out. No, not about what to do with my kids all summer – Ziptivity has me covered in that area. The problem is Summer Reading Loss! I know you’ve heard of this phenomenon:  when kids aren’t in school … Continue reading

Family fitness + philanthropy = fun this weekend in MetroWest Boston

As an avid “fitness” person (yes, I taught aerobics in the 90’s complete with a microphone and leg warmers), I love events that I can take my crew, knowing they are having fun and we are all getting  some exercise. The bonus?  Raising money for meaningful causes.  This weekend, there are a few great opportunities … Continue reading

Ziptivity helps you plan your trip to Storyland

Summer is here, school is out soon, and soccer season is coming to an end. It is time to start planning those short, fun-packed summer weekend getaways. We love to take two-night vacations within a 3-hour drive from Boston, and we kicked off the season last weekend with a Storyland vacation! We had a great … Continue reading

Ziptivity’s Favorite South Shore Beaches

Posted by Karly, Ziptivity’s South Shore Community Ambassador Awww, breathe in that hot, humid, sticky-thick air!  I don’t know about you, but I just LOVE this weather… only if I’m on a beach that is!!  Memorial Day weekend sure did throw us right into beach “daze”… and here are a few of my favorite places to … Continue reading

Ziptivity’s Favorite North Shore Beaches

Posted by Ann, Ziptivity’s North Shore Community Ambassador I feel blessed again this week, as we blog about local swimming locations in our respective areas.  As a Gloucester resident, I am certainly spoiled during the summer months.  I practically lived at Good Harbor beach as a child.  We stayed through dinner often, my father joining … Continue reading

National Doughnut Day at Smolak Farms this Weekend!

With days set aside to honor everything from fudge to peanut butter and jelly, you may ask yourself what’s the point of one more nominal food day? While National Doughnut Day (a.k.a Donut) may seem trite, the actual history behind the nationally recognized, and often over-looked, food holiday originated from an interesting time in history. … Continue reading

Carlisle’s Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony… plus other MetroWest Boston Parades

Teaching what Memorial Day is to my children is a challenge because Memorial Day to them is the mark that summer has begun:  they get a day off from school &  BBQ season is officially open!  But what I really want my children to realize is that it is a day to remember the men … Continue reading

Newburyport Spring Fest 2011 and North Shore Memorial Day Parades

Memorial Day weekend…  ahh, the kickoff to summer, finally!  In addition to a million North Shore parades, clever Newburyport has a great family-friendly event planned for those of us that ache for something other than drums, guns and too much noise in general.  The Newburyport Spring Fest 2011 is a 2-day event taking place this Sun-Mon, … Continue reading

La Salette Shrine Spring Carnival in Attleboro this Memorial Day Weekend

Posted by Karly, Ziptivity’s South Shore Community Ambassador What do Disney, Edaville Railroad, Norton Elementary’s School Fair, and La Salette Shrine all have in common?  RIDES that my oldest chicken, I mean daughter, won’t ride.  She’s terrified of things that move – she doesn’t even really care for being on a swingset.  I never had the … Continue reading